Spiritual Engagement

We engage, each day, with ourselves, with others, and in our shared human existence.

These relationships inform our perspective on the world and our role in it. Still Harbor believes we need more individuals and organizations who deeply understand their roles in making the world a better place.

May this week's offerings deepen your awareness and practice of engagement.

There aren’t schools for organizers, and there should be.
— Sara El-Amine

How do you engage with your community in causes for justice? What elements of community organizing feel limiting or overwhelming? As you contemplate these questions, we invite you to participate in Session Two ofResistance School tonight at 7pm EST! Learn from one of the country's leading grassroots organizers, Sara El-Amine, as she shares effective and pragmatic tools for community advocacy.

Can't join live tonight? A recording will be available online immediately following the session. You can watch Session One: How to Communicate our Values in Political Advocacy and access readings for both units well!

Join one of Anchor Magazine's founding editors, Nadia Colburn, for Align Your Story - a unique writing class designed to tap into the source of your creativity by bringing together mind, body and spirit. Through the integration of reading, writing, yoga and meditation, the course aims to empower participants to be agents of change by learning to trust their voices, speak their truths, and share their stories. The next session starts on April 24th, so learn more and sign up now!

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story.
— Maya Angelou