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A r t i c l e :   How to Be an Inspiring Leader by Eric Garton

W h y   y o u   s h o u l d   r e a d   i t ?
It's a quick read and has some good little nuggets of insight for personal and professional leadership development, like:

  1. Many qualities inspire people (they collected 33 traits), but you only need to really excel at one to have an impact. Leadership is not about being perfect at all things, but rather about excelling at your things.
  2. One quality - centeredness - appears to matter most as people identify who are the inspirational leaders in their workplaces. By centeredness, the author seems to mean a mindful orientation to stress.
  3. "If you want to change the way of being, you have to change the way of doing."

W h e r e ' s   t h e   S p i r i t   i n   t h i s   a r t i c l e ?
Lots of places! But we've got to start somewhere...

My read: "centeredness" = someone who is working on confronting the illusion and befriending the void.

So let's explore teachings of the "void" and the "illusion" that come up in the mystical paths of many spiritual traditions.

Perhaps you want to read about the "void" from a Jewish perspective here

Or to explore the connection between "being" and "doing" with the Hindu teaching on selfless service in The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter Three. (Many translations available; here's one.)

Maybe you want to revisit Phil Garrity's 2014 Anchor piece on these themes too!

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