Still Harbor at Conscious Business Summit

Rev. Perry Dougherty speaks on the art of conscious conversation at the Conscious Business World Summit on January 8-12, 2018!

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Register for this free online online event to hear from leaders of every part of the conscious business movement. Our very own Perry Dougherty will be presenting on the art of conscious conversation alongside some of the world’s top companies, authors, and luminaries. Check out the bonus content to find her session.

If being more conscious, sustainable, socially responsible and profitable is something you are excited or curious about, you will love this event.

You can watch the event live on January 8-12th from your computer or phone: join today.

It is a privilege to stand alongside 45+ world class leaders as part of this virtual event on effective leadership, purpose driven culture, and the pathway to create good in the world through the vehicle of business.
— Rev. Perry Dougherty
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Stay tuned for more possible collaborations with Conscious Company Media to come! 

We hope you'll be as excited as we are to pursue Still Harbor's intention to expand the number of life giving partnerships and collaborations we have this year.