Giving & Receiving: A Practice for the Season

Dear Fierce Compassionate Community,

Below you’ll find a free mini-teaching — perhaps a fruitful reflection — on the themes of giving and receiving as we launch into this holiday giving season.


Included in the video is also an introduction to a meditation practice that has nourished my embrace of the vulnerability and mutuality of taking in and giving out; it is a practice called Tonglen from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

On this #GivingTuesday, I wanted to reflect on our relationships to each other, to organizations, to causes we care about. In doing so, I share some of the questions, thoughts, and teachings that have most supported me in better understanding how to cultivate authenticity, integrity, connection, and mutuality in the pursuit of justice, healing, compassionate service. All of which I believe are essential to avoiding burn out.

So, check it out. And of course, consider a giving a gift to Still Harbor on this #GivingTuesday—it could be in the form of a donation, your time spent with this video, and/or a share/like/tweet of the video post.

In gratitude & with love,


P.S. I wrote this article a few years ago on the authenticity challenges of the fundraising season that I mention in the video—it still resonates today.

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