Social justice work IS spiritual work.

A decade ago, this statement was not in my vernacular. 

These days, I find that I say it at least once a week and think it at least once a day.

A decade ago, this statement solicited looks of confusion from my peers in the social justice field.

Last month, at a convening of global social justice leaders, I received more nods and “mmmmhms” of affirmation than not.

A decade ago, Still Harbor was founded to hold space at the nexus of spirituality and social justice.

Today, our network of fiercely loving, spiritually-centered social justice leaders is flourishing.  

prayer hands.jpg

Over past 10 years, a tremendous transformation has take place. together, we have been part of building this movement, of cultivating this change.

It strikes me that we are currently living into a space where the momentum of that movement is great enough to create a new paradigm in our understanding of what it means to create a more kind, just, and equitable world. We are arriving at the truth that it takes immense interior work to meaningfully impact the systems of oppression and inequity that both surround us and reside within us; a reality that holds true for individuals, communities and organizations committed to being agents of change. 

For me, this transformative shift is deserving of collective celebration.

Thank YOU for being a force within this movement!

Whether you have participated in our programming, read our publications, donated in support of our work, asked the big questions of yourself and others, forged your own path, or any combination, your unique support of Still Harbor’s vision that spirituality elevates and sustains social change has been vital in creating the momentum for this paradigm shift. 

This new paradigm, however, is not a destination, but rather a continuation of the journey down a new path. And we have arrived at a crucial juncture.

So, it is my hope that we can all hold the celebration of progress alongside the commitment to sustaining this momentum and living out the changes we wish to see in the world. As the celebratory energy of the holidays unites us, we ask that you consider making a gift to Still Harbor as we recommit - today, tomorrow, and in all the days to come - to creating a network of fiercely loving and compassionate leaders who live into the belief that social justice work IS spiritual work.  

In celebration, commitment & gratitude.