The Inward Journey: Accessible & Inclusive

As you know, Still Harbor was founded 10 years ago on the idea that social justice and spirituality are inexorably linked and that to effectively do one, you need the other.

inward reflection.jpg

I came to Still Harbor two years ago, burnt out, worn out, and unsure of my life path forward. Enrolling in the Spiritual Direction Practicum gave me a safe space to rest, reflect and repair – similar to what happens to a ship and its crew after a long journey. During my time in the Practicum, I had help discerning my next steps, which I never imagined would position me to become part of the leadership of Still Harbor. Yet here I am, truly honored and deeply humbled for the opportunity to serve in this manner. 

I often wonder what my life would look like had I not found Still Harbor in that difficult space. Now, as a Senior Partner, I often wonder what life would look like if everyone had access to a place like Still Harbor.

The necessity of supporting the inward journey is, unfortunately a luxury for many. Resources such as time and money are often barriers to participating in the crucial work of contemplation and self-reflection. This should not be.

Fortunately, Still Harbor aims to make this work accessible and inclusive for everyone. Spirituality and the space to connect with the sacred in and of itself is a social justice issue, and Still Harbor stands at the front lines to offer exploration, training and support to those who participate in our programs. Many of those who attend would be unable to if scholarships and subsidies were not available to them. People with incredible vision, doing incredible work in the world, would not have the space to rest, reflect and repair as I did.

This is where your help is so crucial. The focus of Still Harbor is transitioning, but the vision remains the same: to support people at the intersection of social justice and spirituality. Our programming shift reflects our continued commitment to this work.

Our ask of you is to give generously in support of this transformative work and the investment in the lives of people who are creating a “more kind, equitable and sustainable world.”

The work of Still Harbor is extremely important in these turbulent times. Now, more than ever, we need leaders to point us toward the light. Still Harbor is doing that work and we desire to do more, but we need your support. Help us to make the next decade at Still Harbor even greater than the first.  

I believe that all people deserve the opportunity to work toward their highest purpose.

Together, let us remove the hindrances and obstacles to creating a more just society.