Anchor Issue 10 Now Available


We hear a lot about authenticity these days. It has evolved into a buzz word of sorts, showing up in the title of articles and inside corporate board rooms. Especially in the spheres of leadership and social justice, authenticity is honored as a pinnacle attribute, often framed as a skill to cultivate or state to achieve. And yet what it means to be truly authentic in our lives still feels ambiguous and distant for so many of us.

As a magazine committed to holding space to unpack what is at the core of justice, healing and connection, we believe that the questions around how to live authenticity are profoundly spiritual questions. We believe that living authentically requires the alignment of our inner and outer lives; to discern our values and invite those values to drive our actions; to embrace our truths so that we can be honest with those around us; to honor the complexities of our beings and, in doing so, connect more deeply with ourselves, others, and the world.

In this first digitally optimized issue of Anchor, our contributors delve into this theme of authenticity and what it means to show up in the world in alignment with who we are when we bring our gaze inward. We explore the practice of honest introspection and of holding the vulnerability that accompanies our deep inner truths with the reflections of Elissa Melaragno and Caroline Hunter. The portraits by Angela Cunningham, the prose of Shane Snowdon, and the interview with Ericka Hart tackle how we reflect our beliefs in the ways we hold ourselves and engage in the world around us, particularly in our efforts to create more kindness, justice and peace.

These pages also explore the role authenticity plays in our quest for greater connection, healing and justice. In an excerpt from the book “The Anatomy of Silence”, Perry Dougherty and Katie Simon invite us to consider the dynamics that power, silence, and shame play in hindering our individual capacity to share our truths and our collective capacity to hold safe spaces for healing. Monique Harris offers some concrete action steps we can all take to turn inwards and understand our own engagement in these practices of silence and power that perpetuate systems of oppression.

We are deeply inspired by the courage of our contributors as they shared their truths on these pages.

We hope Anchor, Issue 10 offers prompts and resources to guide you in exploring how to live more authentically as you continue to seek justice in the world today.

With loving kindness & gratitude,

Perry, Monique, Elissa, and Lauren