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Social justice work IS spiritual work.

Over past 10 years, a tremendous transformation has take place. We - together - have been part of building this movement, of cultivating this change. And it is my hope that we can all hold the celebration of progress alongside the commitment to sustaining this momentum and living out the changes we wish to see in the world.

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Giving & Receiving: A Practice for the Season

On this #GivingTuesday, I wanted to share a free mini-teaching — perhaps a fruitful reflection — on the themes of giving and receiving as we launch into this holiday giving season. Included in the video is also an introduction to a meditation practice that has nourished my embrace of the vulnerability and mutuality of taking in and giving out 

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A Reflection on Connection...

The choice to disconnect from each other when we encounter difference is toxic; connection is what sustains us. Our spirits yearn for the restoration of wholeness in the face of disconnection. But connection requires us to mutually see and hear one another fully. In the midst of conflict, unless one of us is vulnerable enough to choose connection, we will find ourselves in a stalemate with no end in sight.  

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A Reflection on Skunk Stink, Expectations, & Wanting Change

Sharing the story of an evening that required her to transition from the relaxation of a meditation class to the frustration of attempting to de-skunk a dog, Perry reflects on the theme of aspiration. She explores how persistent challenges force us to confront our interior orientations both to what is real and to our desires for change. In conclusion, she offers some thoughtful questions for your own reflection.

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Check your mailbox for Anchor Magazine!

I’m proud to share with you Still Harbor’s new magazine, Anchor.

In this inaugural issue, I hope you will witness the courage, imagination, and service that unfold in the collection of essays, poems, and artwork.

Anchor will be published in the spring and fall as part of Still Harbor’s new Institute for Spiritual Formation & Society. The Institute, under the leadership of Perry Dougherty, will bring Still Harbor’s approach out into the world by developing resources like this magazine, white papers, and curricula in addition to facilitating customized retreats and spiritual formation programs for communities, organizations, and institutions.

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My Prayer on Marathon Monday

Over the course of last week, Passover, Holy Week, Hanuman Jayanti, and the earth sky's Blood Moon all coincided (auspiciously perhaps) with the anniversary of the week that so many Bostonians suffered through last year following the attack at the Boston Marathon finish line. I don't want to compete with the prophecies. I don't want to engage in a discourse on the ways we might theologically link these holy days with my city's pained mourning (though there are ways I'm sure). I want to speak simply of some lessons I have been contemplating.

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