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Darkness of the Womb

What spiritual practices offer you the courage to sit in darkness? Birth serves as a powerful reminder of the world’s cyclical nature, particularly in the midst of challenging times. In this moving speech, civil rights lawyer and Sikh interfaith leader – Valarie Kaur – invites us to reorient to darkness as we grapple not only with the current state of our country, but also with our interior lives. 

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The Road Unkown

When we enter into the unknown, we are often confronted by fears, doubts, and insecurities. Yet it is also in those times that faith--in ourselves, others, and the sacred--has the potential to shine brightly, lighting the path towards growth and transformation. May this post inspire you to choose trust and practice compassion in the face of uncertainty. 

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My Prayer on Marathon Monday

Over the course of last week, Passover, Holy Week, Hanuman Jayanti, and the earth sky's Blood Moon all coincided (auspiciously perhaps) with the anniversary of the week that so many Bostonians suffered through last year following the attack at the Boston Marathon finish line. I don't want to compete with the prophecies. I don't want to engage in a discourse on the ways we might theologically link these holy days with my city's pained mourning (though there are ways I'm sure). I want to speak simply of some lessons I have been contemplating.

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