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Seeking Racial Justice

As we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. this week, we invite you to explore the power of spirituality in seeking racial justice and maintaining hope in the face of challenges. May John Lewis inspire you to find faith in community and may President Obama serve as a reminder of the power in symbols. 

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Five years for Haiti and something on compassion I've learned along the way

Today, marks five years since a magnitude 7.0 earthquake ravaged Haiti. The words that followand the thoughts they are intended to formrepresent what I have grappled with and learned in these five years since witnessing and helping respond to the pain and suffering of so many who were injured, fell ill, and lost their homes and their loved ones that day.

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Words Are Not Enough: Song for Freedom, Ferguson

This week, there has been a lot published on the racial tension unfolding in Ferguson and around the United States as it relates to the gross statistics of state sanctioned violence against minorities, mostly young black men. We are touched by the peaceful protest, the nonviolent action, and the inspired voices of social change. And yet, we know that healing comes best when we heal together by creating safe spaces for story, connection, and understanding to begin. Those safe spaces are most powerfully created through the vibrational and healing energy of creative expression through song. 

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