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Seeking Racial Justice

As we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. this week, we invite you to explore the power of spirituality in seeking racial justice and maintaining hope in the face of challenges. May John Lewis inspire you to find faith in community and may President Obama serve as a reminder of the power in symbols. 

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"A Year's End Gift" from Pat Schneider

In this season of great fear and danger, when wars and rumors of wars clash against our consciousness, it seems to me that we must do two things: commit ourselves to action toward peace and justice in every way possible to us, – and find in the small things, the tender things, the quiet things, meaning and patience and hope.

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A Reflection on Connection...

The choice to disconnect from each other when we encounter difference is toxic; connection is what sustains us. Our spirits yearn for the restoration of wholeness in the face of disconnection. But connection requires us to mutually see and hear one another fully. In the midst of conflict, unless one of us is vulnerable enough to choose connection, we will find ourselves in a stalemate with no end in sight.  

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