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On Health & Hope

In the spirit of health and hope and in honor of the 26th celebration of World AIDS Day this past Monday, we are sharing this inspiring collection of prayers and meditations with you. How did you reflect on the history and progress of the HIV/AIDS movement and stand in solidarity with those whose lives have been impacted by the epidemic?

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Healing Across Generations

How is trauma passed on from one generation to the next? What does an intergenerational process of healing look like? By examining the parallels and differences between communities of Cambodian refugees, Jewish Holocaust survivors, and Native Americans, Shulevitz explores avenues to “untangle the web of relationships among biology, culture, and history.."

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My Prayer on Marathon Monday

Over the course of last week, Passover, Holy Week, Hanuman Jayanti, and the earth sky's Blood Moon all coincided (auspiciously perhaps) with the anniversary of the week that so many Bostonians suffered through last year following the attack at the Boston Marathon finish line. I don't want to compete with the prophecies. I don't want to engage in a discourse on the ways we might theologically link these holy days with my city's pained mourning (though there are ways I'm sure). I want to speak simply of some lessons I have been contemplating.

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