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Each One, Pull One

Waves of resistance are rippling through the world. People from all walks of life are standing up for what they believe in, both in the public eye and the privacy of home. Yet how do we discern what it is that we are resisting? What guides our movement towards change and towards justice? Do the tools we use align with our beliefs?   

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Balancing Pragmatism & Principle

As you continue to explore the intersection between spirituality and social justice in your life, we invite you to try new tools for reflection and new practices for deepening awareness. The inward journey takes many different shapes and forms; it is our task to discover those that serve to challenge and transform us.   

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On Health & Hope

In the spirit of health and hope and in honor of the 26th celebration of World AIDS Day this past Monday, we are sharing this inspiring collection of prayers and meditations with you. How did you reflect on the history and progress of the HIV/AIDS movement and stand in solidarity with those whose lives have been impacted by the epidemic?

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