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Emotional Emancipation Circles This Fall

Interested in joining the movement for freedom from the emotional legacies of enslavement and racism?! Attend the Emotional Emancipation Circle Information Session hosted by our very own Rev. Monique Harris on Saturday, October 28th! Please note this session is held in an affinity space for black people and will be the introduction to an eight-part journey.

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Race of Races

Historically, and still today, it seems hatred and violence have elevated those who claim victory in the race of the races (or classes or genders or sexualities or abilities). Wouldn't love and compassion render all victorious rather than the majority of people on our humble earth defeated?

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Each One, Pull One

Waves of resistance are rippling through the world. People from all walks of life are standing up for what they believe in, both in the public eye and the privacy of home. Yet how do we discern what it is that we are resisting? What guides our movement towards change and towards justice? Do the tools we use align with our beliefs?   

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