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Social justice work IS spiritual work.

Over past 10 years, a tremendous transformation has take place. We - together - have been part of building this movement, of cultivating this change. And it is my hope that we can all hold the celebration of progress alongside the commitment to sustaining this momentum and living out the changes we wish to see in the world.

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Embracing Vulnerability

If we do not see or embrace our vulnerabilities as fundamentally connected to the shared vulnerability of being human, we miss the opportunity for solidarity with those living on the margins in our social justice work. Here, we offer two specific tools that serve as the foundation of how and why we teach embracing vulnerability as a practice. 

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Balancing Pragmatism & Principle

As you continue to explore the intersection between spirituality and social justice in your life, we invite you to try new tools for reflection and new practices for deepening awareness. The inward journey takes many different shapes and forms; it is our task to discover those that serve to challenge and transform us.   

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