The Work of Love

I am tired of fear-based conversations.

Even when we are afraid, there is another way to communicate—the way of love. It is not easy, and yet, it is the only way I’ve encountered that can support acceptance of our fears in pursuit of understanding and perhaps even transforming them. Over the years, I’ve discovered that the place in our lives where spirituality and social justice meet is the very place that reveals, cultivates, and sustains love.

work of love.jpeg

At the most fundamental level, I believe that Still Harbor does the work of love.

I’ve learned that if I tap into the place within me that believes in our shared human dignity and trusts in our deep desire to connect, to be seen, to be loved, I witness the world around me grounded in a place of love. And it is from this place, that I offer spiritual accompaniment for activists and social justice leaders and that I train others to do the same.

I believe that it is also this way of seeing that enabled us to restructure our team in pursuit of intentional collective leadership. We took the risk and navigated our fears about change. We leveraged our commitment to modeling the spiritual values we want to see in the world. And, in doing so, we lived more deeply into our vision.

Working in the collective, we are compelled to navigate our relationships with one another in ways that bring us closer instead of relying upon traditional power hierarchies.

The rewards of such a model have blossomed as we have supported each other and the organization with connection, creativity, clarity, courage, and collaboration. In our own ways, each of us has been challenged this year to lean into our faith in connection and in the greater mystery that fills our hearts and heads with openness, curiosity, and trust. For me, this practice in the face of fear is almost always a struggle, and yet, again and again, it has been a life-giving and powerful reminder that love must be the fuel for every social justice movement.

At this time of year, we ask that you show your support of Still Harbor by investing in our vision —

a vision of bringing spiritual supports into the work of social justice, a vision that insists that we explore and practice the ways that love can hold and overcome fear.

The people we train are fiercely loving and compassionate spiritual seekers working for social change, each serving and living in ways that move our world closer to love, to connection, to healing—truly, they are the next generation spiritual leaders. Your support creates scholarships for these incredible individuals to train in accompaniment and facilitation. Your support will also help us continue to nurture and sustain their growth and development after they graduate, and in the long run; your support will help us develop a powerful network that serves as loving fuel for social justice around the country and the world.

Please make a gift this year as a reflection of your desire to support the work of love that Still Harbor is so deeply committed to doing in the world.

With love,