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On Health & Hope

In the spirit of health and hope and in honor of the 26th celebration of World AIDS Day this past Monday, we are sharing this inspiring collection of prayers and meditations with you. How did you reflect on the history and progress of the HIV/AIDS movement and stand in solidarity with those whose lives have been impacted by the epidemic?

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Words Are Not Enough: Song for Freedom, Ferguson

This week, there has been a lot published on the racial tension unfolding in Ferguson and around the United States as it relates to the gross statistics of state sanctioned violence against minorities, mostly young black men. We are touched by the peaceful protest, the nonviolent action, and the inspired voices of social change. And yet, we know that healing comes best when we heal together by creating safe spaces for story, connection, and understanding to begin. Those safe spaces are most powerfully created through the vibrational and healing energy of creative expression through song. 

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What's Your Practice?

Where did you learn about mindfulness and meditation? How do you incorporate those and other contemplative practices into your life? This article showcases the integration and expansion of mindfulness and contemplative practices into the life and studies of university students around the country.

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