Group Facilitation Immersion

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Please write a brief personal statement—you might want to write of your educational background, your professional occupation, your family, your interests, or anything that you believe would be helpful to convey about yourself as you apply for the program.
What experience do you have offering or receiving group facilitation? What experience do you have with collective practices of accompaniment while working for justice and equity? What makes you want to learn and practice group facilitation now?
How would you describe your practice of contemplation or spirituality? Who or what are the persons, events, experiences, books, etc. that have influenced your approach? What roles, if any, have justice and equity frameworks played in your practices? How have these practices related to your experiences with group facilitation?
Why are you drawn to the work of transformative group facilitation? What do you hope to receive from this program? What do you hope to do with the skills moving forward?
Reduced tuition is available. Scholarships range from 25% - 75% of tuition and are prioritized for alumni of Still Harbor's Spiritual Direction Practicum, activists and movement leaders, spiritual leaders from across all faiths, established leaders of social justice with 20 or more years in the field, and young contemplatives under the age of 40. We ask also that there be a clear financial need for all requests. For those requesting a scholarship, please briefly share with us how it would benefit you and please include how much you are able to pay.

Letters of recommendation 

We ask that applicants get two letters of recommendation from people who can speak to the applicant’s call to contemplative group facilitation work. Please have your recommenders send their letter to with your name in the subject line.

Please contact us at with questions.