What do we mean by…Alignment?

This post is part of the Still Harbor blog series “What Do We Mean By…” Through our postings we hope you learn a little more about who we are and what we are about – and that we can enter into deeper conversation with you.

a·lign·ment: (noun) the act of adjusting parts in relation to each other.

It may sound strange for us to use such a technical word to describe a spiritual reality, especially when most people think about car tires when they hear the word alignment. But for us at Still Harbor, alignment describes an important function for our well-being. Just as alignment and calibration of our cars helps us drive well and more efficiently, spiritual alignment is about coming into better balance and harmony.

Being spiritually aligned means being attuned to your truest and deepest self and acting in our day-to-day lives in line with what is within us. Alignment speaks to a consistency and integration between our inner awareness and how we act in the world. Basically, alignment is when our actions match our values.

Again and again at Still Harbor, we encounter people and organizations that seek  to clarify their driving values and begin to act more consciously from  those values. They want to uncover their capacity for building relationships  that restore harmony. Our work with them focuses on practices and approaches  that can help their natural systems work more efficiently, kind of like  getting better gas mileage!

What helps you come into alignment?

How does feeling in or out of alignment affect your actions?

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