Spiritual support in tragic times

Dear friends,

At times of crisis such as these, Still Harbor recognizes one of the great paradoxes of humanity. In watching the news of the Marathon Monday events in Boston, we find ourselves bearing witness to destruction caused by human hatred and simultaneously experiencing the vast compassionate and loving response of people from all walks of life coming together to care for one another. While this is the big-picture reality of life on any given day, it has the potential to fill us with complex emotions of grief and awe when it is brought into such extreme focus in one place at one time.

Given this, Still Harbor is offering a number of opportunities for those who may be seeking spiritual accompaniment this week. If you find yourself wanting to talk to someone, hoping to connect with the community, or looking for a place to meditate and pray, please consider stopping by the Center this week. We also encourage you to let others know that Still Harbor is a resource for spiritual support this week.

With love and solidarity,
All of us at Still Harbor

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