Still Harbor

Retreats & Circles


In the circle, we are all equal.
There is no one in front of you, there’s nobody behind you.
No one is above you, no one is below you.
The circle is sacred because it’s designed to create unity.

– Lakota wisdom

Our retreats and circle programs are designed to create environments for spiritual and emotional healing and connection among a group of individuals. The goal of such programming is to honor the profound healing and connection that can come from a space in which one feels safe to be more vulnerable, honest, and authentic in processing experiences, doubts, questions, or beliefs.

We believe this can be accomplished in affinity spaces with those who carry with them a common identity as well as in spaces of diversity grounded in trust. These opportunities to share, listen, and connect can give activists and community leaders the courage and confidence to step back into the diverse and often challenging worlds we live in with courage, confidence, and greater resilience.

More details on our upcoming retreat & affinity circle programming to come. Please check back soon.