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Spiritual Accompaniment

We are committed to spiritually accompanying community leaders and activists in pursuing their own missions for justice and peace.

WHAT IS SPIRITUAL accompaniment?

The process of contemplative listening carried out in the context of a one-to-one trusting and confidential relationship. A trained spiritual director journeys with another person by listening to that person’s life story and experiences with an ear for the movement of the spirit, the presence of the sacred, and/or the insights that come from making deep meaningful connections. By offering supportive responses as appropriate and encouraging deepening reflection, clients can open up to new understandings and paths of growth. Spiritual accompaniment is typically conducted in monthly sessions that range from 45 - 60 minutes.


Getting started

Our core team of spiritual directors and companions offer very accessible starting packages specifically for community leaders and activists rooted in social justice principles. If you are interested in exploring spiritual direction, we offer an introductory package of three sessions for $75 (a 75% discount from the market rate of $75 per session). 


Long Term Spiritual Accompaniment

We believe that a long term spiritual companion provides a meaningful space to individuals engaged in activism and community service. For those who are committed to continuing in spiritual accompaniment beyond the three introductory sessions, we offer a sliding scale per session rate based on financial need. While we are thrilled that the philanthropic gifts that supports our work can allow us to offer discounts of up to 75%, we know that financial sustainability for our organization rests on those who can pay market rate doing so. As such, we offer a pay what you can per session option (from $75 to $25) for all sessions after the first three. 

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Spiritual Directors


Rev. Perry Dougherty is a Still Harbor Senior Partner, Editor of Anchor magazine, an Instructor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and founder of Rootwise Leadership. Perry serves as a facilitator, chaplain, and spiritual director at Still Harbor. She has a background in corporate training and development as well as non-profit development, communications, and management. Perry brings an informed perspective on social justice, pedagogy, and learning, which she studied at Washington University in St. Louis in receiving her B.A. in Social Thought and Analysis with a specialization in the Sociology of Education. Perry is an ordained Interspiritual Minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She brings her personal and professional interests together through her service by exploring where creative expression and narrative meet spirituality and social justice.


Rev. Monique Harris is a Still Harbor Senior Partner and also serves as a facilitator and chaplain /spiritual director. A transplant from San Francisco, California, Monique graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature in 1997. She earned her teaching credential in Moderate Disabilities from the University of San Francisco in 2003. A special education teacher by profession, Monique has worked in public education for more than 15 years and served as an Itinerant Deacon in the African Methodist Episcopal Church for 13 years. A graduate of the Spiritual Direction practicum in 2017, Monique joined Still Harbor, as a Senior Associate, offering affinity group circles for African Americans (Emotional Emancipation Circles) to address racial stress, trauma and to offer tools for healing and well-being. In June 2018 Monique became a Senior Partner in the organization and continues her work with the EECs, in addition to lending her skills in operations, programming, and content creation.

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Lauren Spahn is a Still Harbor Senior Partner. She serves as lead administrator, facilitator and chaplain with Still Harbor and is also yoga teacher, birth doula, and writer. She is an avid reader, lifelong learner, world traveler, language enthusiast, and a "my home is your home"-style hostess. She has a background in facilitation and project development as well as non-profit communications and management. Lauren received a B.A. from the University of Michigan in Spanish with a minor in Women's Studies. In 2015, after eight years of full-time non-profit work, she began teaching yoga and supporting justice-based non-profits (Still Harbor included) as a facilitator and writer. She stays tethered to her call to bring people together through shared dialogue and practice, and in doing so, she has discovered the healing and transformative power of community. 


More About Spiritual Accompaniment

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the first three sessions?

We will check in with you about how it is going and decide together whether it makes sense to continue into a longer term spiritual accompaniment relationship. It often does make sense! As part of this conversation, we will talk about rates and you will choose what you can pay for the sessions moving forward.

How can you offer such big discounts?

As a social justice organization committed to building spiritual accompaniment into the fabric of our social movements and grassroots direct service vocations, we fundraise to support our programing. So, it is thanks to the generosity of our funders that we are able to make our spiritual direction services so accessible. Given that, we ask that our clients support us by paying what they can and by helping us spread the word to potential funders and others who might be interested in our work.

Can we meet in-person?

Our core service is offered virtually with a preference for meeting via video chat (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime). This allows us to work with many more activists and community leaders around the world who are seeking spiritual accompaniment. There are also costs associated with renting space that we try to keep down given our global reach and desire to make the service accessible. If you happen to be local to your spiritual director and there is a place that you can agree upon for meetings, we leave it up to the two of you to decide!

Is spiritual accompaniment therapy?

No. Spiritual accompaniment can bring about beautiful kinds of spiritual healing, but it is not therapy. Our spiritual directors are trained as compassionate listeners for the sacred/spiritual elements of life that emerge through your stories and experiences. Our questions are intended to support you in deepening you own spiritual self-awareness, in uncovering your own inherent wisdom in connection to the sacred/spiritual/divine, and in developing your relationship with your spiritual beliefs and how they operate in your life.

Is it confidential?

Yes. Spiritual accompaniment is a confidential space for you to process and share. Our spiritual directors will be required to break confidentiality only in the event what you share indicates that you pose a direct threat to yourself or another or that you are aware of a child or elder being abused. 

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