The Rising Podcast features Still Harbor

Changing Our Movements From Within: Spiritual Direction & Movement Chaplaincy with Perry Dougherty & Ed Cardoza

We are thrilled to be featured in Episode 15 of The Rising: Spirituality for Revolution to discuss the emerging wisdom about the sacred nature of activism and social change work! 

The growing understanding that social justice work stems from a vocational calling to make the world and more just and equitable place has led many people on the front lines of social justice work to seek out contemplative training and spiritual support with more intention than ever before. Listen here as Executive Director, Rev. Perry Dougherty, and co-founder, Rev. Ed Cardoza, discuss how spiritual direction and movement chaplaincy transforms our social movements by offering changemakers a space to explore how they relate to themselves, others, and humanity.

This work is sacred work; it’s needed work; it’s transformative work; it both heals and restores; and equips individuals to be of service to others.
— Rev. Ed Cardoza, Still Harbor co-founder

Fun fact: The Rising co-host, Rev. Chelsea MacMillan, is a graduate of Still Harbor's Spiritual Direction Practicum and a contributing author to Anchor magazine.